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Here's an image from our most recent shoot featuring Tahlia Jane. She's fantastic to work with and effortlessly strikes the pose a photographer wants. For the backdrop, I captured an image of a lighthouse in Sydney. For Tahlia I used an umbrella as key at camera left and a single rear edge light at camera right. Our advanced post processing workflows combines all elements for a gorgeous, surreal image of Tahlia by the lighthouse.

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To celebrate Australia Day here's an image of Samantha waving flags in front of a supercar. While I wish I had a real supercar, I had to improvise and used a scale model. Despite the simplicity of this high key image, getting the composition, pose and minimising the imperfections on the car was challenging. I shot Samantha using rear edge lights and shoot through umbrella slightly off camera-axis for fill. For the car model I used two strobes to blow out the foamcore background and a softbox on camera axis, positioned towards the rear and feathered away at the top. Our advanced post processing workflows then combines all the individual elements for the end result.

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Here's a beautiful hyper-realistic image featuring talented Canberra actor and model Jennifer Brown. Thanks Jen, for a fun filled and super quick shoot yesterday-this was probably the fastest shoot I've ever done! For the background I used the the view from a pedestrian bridge in Canberra city - looking straight on to some buildings with a lot of presence. To light Jen I used a two rear edge lights, with more power at camera right. For fill, I bounced a strobe on to a white wall. After picking the right image from the series, our advanced post processing workflows bring the image to life.

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